Founded in 2017, AP is a fully integrated architecture, engineering, planning, and development services firm offering a comprehensive range of services to the development, residential, and retail communities.

1- Why ArchiPars?

ArchiPars offers real competitive prices for individuals and is able to handle a project from scratch for every step, including design, permitting, construction document, construction administration, and cost estimates.

2- What are the benefits of using ArchiPars’s platform for Architectural and Construction companies?

With outsourcing to ArchiPars, Architectural firms and construction companies can significantly reduce their project costs. With outsourcing to ArchiPars, companies save a lot of money on the costs of software, office, employees insurance, employees PTOs, and their overhead expenses.

3- What software ArchiPars work with, for finishing up the projects?

ArchiPars is expert and licensed in using Autodesk software including Autodesk Revit, Auto CAD and 3D Max, as well as Sketchup, Adobe package, and Lumion.

4- What guarantees the quality of work?

ArchiPars has done a lot of jobs with different companies and individuals. Also, ArchiPars offers a %100 money-back guarantee if the clients are not happy with their projects.

5- What is the process for outsourcing to ArchiPars?

By requesting a quote from ArchiPars, one of the project managers contacts the client and sets up an in-person (Physically or virtual) meeting with you. After the preliminary discussions about the project, ArchiPars sends the contract to sign. After signing the contract by the client and paying fees, an adequate team from ArchiPars takes over the project.

6- Does ArchiPars offer a free quote and/or consultation?

Yes. The quote and consultation on your project will be free of any charge.

7- What type of documents is needed to get a quote?

For new projects, please provide information about your lot including a short and clear description of the project and/or any available drawings that depict your lot. For remodeling projects, please submit one copy of all of your existing drawings, if any, along with a clear and short scope of work. If there are not any drawings or documents, simply provide a clear and short description of the project and one of the project managers will contact you as soon as possible.

8- Will you provide breakdown fees in your quotes?

Yes. Our quotes will be shown through an official proposal with a breakdown fee schedule to show the itemized fee applicable to your project.

9- Will you charge hourly or project base?

It depends on the client’s preferences and the project type. ArchiPars can offer based on either an hourly rate or a flat fee.

10- Do we have to pay anything in advance?

Yes. ArchiPars normally charges %30-%35 of the entire project fee as a retainer fee and prior to kick-off the project.

11- Does ArchiPars offers construction services too?

Yes. ArchiPars works with different construction companies as partner company and can introduce general contractors to the clients upon request. Depends on their availabilities and schedule, they might be able to provide quote, estimates and take over the project.

12- Does ArchiPars offer expediting services for permitting only?

No. ArchiPars offers permitting services for its own projects only.

13- Does ArchiPars offer presentation and 3D rendering services only?

Yes. ArchiPars offers presentation and 3D rendering services for Architectural projects by using 3Ds Max, V-Ray and Photoshop, and Illustrator.

14- Does ArchiPars offer Architectural building surveys for existing buildings?

Yes. ArchiPars offers Architectural building surveys and producing as-built drawings for renovation and remodeling projects.